Dangerous Waste Management

Dangerous waste management takes place with the producer’s responsibility, according to Greek legislation. In this context, every business/producer has to take on the management of their company waste according to the relevant procedures, or choose the appropriate collaborator, who, in possession of all the appropriate permits, insurances and techno-economically beneficial solutions, will realize the safe and environmentally sound management, handing over the necessary recovery/disposal certificates to the producer.

ENVIROCHEM is able to offer the best possible services starting off with the organisation of the primary collection (internally from the producer) up until the final disposal/recovery, offering full procedural integrity at every step of the way.

Responsiveness to the timeframes that are consonant to the normal function of every productive unit, flexibility during emergencies, safety and optimal technical support during works, constitute our advantages for excellent results at reasonable cost.

ENVIROCHEM can become the professional collaborator of any business because we have all the necessary permits at National Greek level, experienced scientific-technical-managerial personnel, appropriate means of transport and an established warehouse for temporary storage of waste.

During the past 30 years of operation we have managed safely, according to the legislation, more than 100.000 tons of dangerous waste.

Today, more than 700 businesses from a wide range of productive sectors throughout Greece have chosen ENVIROCHEM and have become our trusted partners.