Decontamination / Rehabilitation / Exceptional Emergencies

The need for decontamination/remediation of spaces (soils and establishments) with certification of their cleanliness for following use constitutes a timeless requirement as contemporary societies evolve and there are changes in the structure of the economy and the space planning of smaller or bigger areas.

In Greece, this field is under slow development mainly because of financial reasons not allowing the prioritization of large-scale projects at central planning level.

Nevertheless, in the context of the local responsibilities that arise from EU directives due dilligence and the development of relevant services (research, remediation measures) finds an ever more fertile terrain in the field of better exploitation of assets.

At the same time the needs for several types of equipment cleaning (maintenance, use change, redundancy) in a technically sound and safe manner, are continuous in manufacturing and other sectors of the economy.

Finally, the option to intervene quickly with specialized personnel for an urgent decontamination/remediation project constitutes a required provision, where dangerous substances are involved.

ENVIROCHEM pioneers these fields having completed successfully a series of relevant emergency and general decontamination/remediation projects for equipment and establishments and can become the specialized appropriate collaborator for the execution of specialized projects from the research stage to their technical completion.