The Company

ENVIROCHEM HELLAS S.A. was founded in 1990 by brothers Spyros and Giannis Gianniotis with the aim of the responsible and secure dangerous waste management and generally the provision of environmental protection services.

Gradually, the company extended its activities into the remediation of polluted soil, asbestos removal, decontamination of facilities and equipment from dangerous substances as well as into specialized consultancy services. The company is today among the leading companies of its kind in Greece, providing its services to a plethora of businesses of a wide production spectrum.

Since 2001, ENVIROCHEM CYPRUS LTD is in operation, besides other cross-Balcan collaborations.

On this journey, whilst remaining faithful to our values, with absolute respect towards our collaborators and the environment, we overcame each challenge and we continue our effort for improvement and development with self-belief. Our basic principle is that ‘every collaborator is special and we owe the highest possible level of service’.

With the opportunity of 30 years of our company operation, we would like to thank everyone that collaborated or collaborates with us, in this difficult but fruitful journey. We hope that we have responded to your expectations and we commit that we will continue to do so, improving our performance. Concluding the message, a big thank you to all our company personnel for their ethics, responsibility, eager determination to do well and the professionalism that they exhibit every day. Georgia Giannioti, Managing Director