The need for correct management (removal, enclosure, maintenance) of asbestos-containing materials in constructs, electromechanical equipment, factory establishments and ships becomes more and more pressing as time goes by and as aging occurs.

In demolition works, refurbishments and maintenance works the presence of asbestos and its correct management constitutes an important planning parameter.

ENVIROCHEM, a Greek pioneer in this field, was active in this area prior to the relevant legislation (first project of its kind was in 2003-removal of asbestos from an ET3 -national television- building). Having completed a multitude of projects of all kinds throughout Greece ENVIROCHEM can become the partner of choice for asbestos-related projects offering good service value for its cost.

Having the relevant permissions as EAK type A, long experience, trained-certified scientific and technical personnel with full equipment, we offer services of the highest level at competitive prices.

Our company, with responsibility and faith in its 30-year old values, is in a position to take on a project of any kind and size, from the asbestos removal of a few sqm (small rooftops chimneys, tiles) to complex and big projects in industrial establishments and ships that involve the removal of fragile materials, enclosures or combinations of those, relevant to the risk assessment results and to the state-of-the art in the field globally (EPA, British and Irish Guidelines on ACM management).