Dangerous Material Safe Transfer

The transport safety for dangerous goods is subject to international legislation (ADR for land, IMDG for marine transport). Besides, there are also Greek regulations (KYA Γ5/48222/2474 – ΦΕΚ2755/Β/3-7-2019, ΠΔΠΔ405 –ΦΕΚ272/Α/16-12-1996).

According to the Greek Law for the transport of dangerous goods by road every business in the chain (sender, transporter and/or receiver if they organize transport) should have a safety consultant (ΣΑΜΕΕ with relevant professional body certification), so that they can cover the needs for initial planning and research for the transport of dangerous materials, reassessment, training and every other risk for possessions, assets and the environment.

Since 2018, there is Greek legislation in force (N.4530-ΦΕΚ 59/30/3/2018) where non-compliance penalty payments are defined.

Moreover, there is the option to offer assistance to the Authorities in case of accidents and this becomes a necessity in the context of chemical manufacturing continuous process improvement. (see CEFIC-Emergency Response Guidelines).

ENVIROCHEM employs appropriately certified personnel (ΣΑΜΕΕ, members of ΠΣΑΜΕΕ) and moreover training on marine transport of dangerous substances and can offer relevant consultancy services from legislation compliance to emergency response.

The ΣΑΜΕΕ service department functions since 2001 and so has significant experience, extended clientele in Greece and Cyprus, whereas it has developed procedures and practical experience methods that have been applied for years successfully, so that there is added value to its collaborators.